Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jimmy Jenson, The Singing Swede

Just the Christmas songs, folks!

1. Winter Wonderland (Valkin' In My Vinter Undervear)
2. I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas
3. Jingle Bell Rock
4. Christmas Goose (Snowbird)
5. Yingle Bells (Jingle Bells)

From the liner notes:

"Jimmy Jenson, 'The Singing Swede' traveling over 100,000 miles a year to bring laughter and entertainment to millions of people throughout the country. Jimmy's Scandanavian songs contribute to his ever growing popularity. Very few entertainers can be credited with creating a new type of music but 'The Singing Swede' has done just that. This is Jimmy's fifth album of Scandanavian humor (not meant to ridicule anyone's nationality)."

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Blogger Derik said...

Thanks from Minnesota. I've posted some more of Jimmy records on my blog, if you want more of him.

10:15 AM  

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